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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Weather Forecast Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Longitude:36 Latitude:31

Wadi Rajil

Weather Forecast Wadi Rajil
Longitude:37.18129 Latitude:32.37578

Wadi al Buraqiyah

Weather Forecast Wadi al Buraqiyah
Longitude:37.21264 Latitude:32.39815

Jabal al Mabrak

Weather Forecast Jabal al Mabrak
Longitude:35.10919 Latitude:29.3466

Jabal az Zumlah

Weather Forecast Jabal az Zumlah
Longitude:36.12504 Latitude:32.52414

Makhadat Zawr Kan`an

Weather Forecast Makhadat Zawr Kan`an
Longitude:35.66667 Latitude:32.68333

Tall Umm Sirah

Weather Forecast Tall Umm Sirah
Longitude:36.15 Latitude:32.53333

Wadi Umm Shahmi

Weather Forecast Wadi Umm Shahmi
Longitude:37.05619 Latitude:32.43593

Jisr Umm Butmah

Weather Forecast Jisr Umm Butmah
Longitude:35.66667 Latitude:32.7

Wadi Shiyah

Weather Forecast Wadi Shiyah
Longitude:36.05 Latitude:32.56667

Wadi Raquban

Weather Forecast Wadi Raquban
Longitude:38.56448 Latitude:33.33771

Wadi Miqat

Weather Forecast Wadi Miqat
Longitude:37.82815 Latitude:32.85998

Ard al Minyas

Weather Forecast Ard al Minyas
Longitude:36.28308 Latitude:32.47188


Weather Forecast Maqarin
Longitude:35.88333 Latitude:32.71667

Shu`ayb al Mahsur

Weather Forecast Shu`ayb al Mahsur
Longitude:36.18333 Latitude:32.51667

Wadi Mahmud

Weather Forecast Wadi Mahmud
Longitude:37.564 Latitude:32.92481

Khalid Ibn al Walid

Weather Forecast Khalid Ibn al Walid
Longitude:35.68333 Latitude:32.71667

Rawd al Kawkaliyah

Weather Forecast Rawd al Kawkaliyah
Longitude:36 Latitude:32.66667

Zahrat al Huwayshah

Weather Forecast Zahrat al Huwayshah
Longitude:35.99176 Latitude:32.65724

Shu`ayb Hishan

Weather Forecast Shu`ayb Hishan
Longitude:37.54892 Latitude:32.71523

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